IMGPSTRT(1) Image Manager Search Engine IMGPSTRT(1)


    imgpstrt - Search for and display images from an on-line photo database  


    Text_Box    word [ word word word  ....... ] 


    IMGPSTRT takes user supplied word(s) and searches a compiled database
    of keywords that have associations with specific photographs in an
    existing image collection.
    One or more search words can be entered in the text_box. If multiple 
    words are entered, they must be separated by one or more space characters.
    If a match is found for the supplied words, a 'thumbnail' version
    of those images will be displayed in up to a 3x2 table.
    Each thumbnail image is linked to a larger version of the same image.
    "Clicking" on the 'submit' button appearing below the image with the
    left mouse button will display a larger version of the same image.
    Any existing captions associated with the chosen image will be
    displayed at the bottom of the output screen.


    Images are grouped in "collections". Each collection keyword appears
    in uppercase. Selecting a collection will display all images that are
    included in that collection.
    Keywords appearing in lowercase identify unique image properties that
    exist within collection(s).
    Keywords can be entered in either uppercase or lowercase in the text_box,
    however, if two or more words are intended to be read as a single unit,
    they must be joined with an underscore:
		tall_ship		ok
		tall ship		no good
		new_york_city		ok
		new york city		no good


    Selecting the "[Add/Remove] Lightbox" checkbox button appearing below 
    each thumbnail image(s) when in 'Search Mode' will select such image(s) for 
    addition or removal from the current lightbox.
    The "Next Page", "Previous Page" "Jump to Page" or "Update Lightbox"
    submit buttons will add/remove the selected image(s) from the lightbox.
    The "View Lightbox" button reads in the current lightbox file, switches to
    'Lightbox Mode' and displays those image(s) in up to a 3x2 table.
    The "Clear Lightbox" button deletes all images saved in the lightbox. The
    "New Search" submit button starts a new search session, preserving the
    current/previous lightbox if exists. 


    Images selected in the 'Search Mode' are now displayed in the Lightbox Mode.
    A larger version of the displayed image(s) can be viewed by "clicking" on
    the 'submit' button appearing below the thumbnail image.
    Images appearing in the lightbox can be chosen for removal by selecting the 
    "Remove Lightbox" checkbox button appearing below the thumbnail image(s). 
    The "Remove Selected" submit button removes those images from the 
    The "Return to Search" submit button returns the user to the previous
    'search', placing the user back in "SEARCH MODE", at the page where the
    user left off. 


    The "Logout" submit button ends the user's current session, deleting all
    search data files. Lightbox files are preserved and remain available 
    until the user decides to remove them.


    Barry Masterson  (
    At this time, only complete words can be entered. Currently, imgpstrt
    will not accept any wildcard characters, and will not accept any of the
    common Regular Expressions that are available on other popular search
    Using the web browser (Back/Forward) buttons to navigate the IMGPSTRT
    site will result in a loss of state. Use only the supplied IMGPSTRT submit

All photographs on this and subsequent pages Copyright © Barry Masterson

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