Gear Inch & Shifting Pattern Calculator

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An essential tool for cyclists interested in calculating Gear Inches & Sequential Shifting Patterns based on chainring & freewheel combinations.

  • About the Cycling Calculator
  • Multi-speed and Single-speed mode

  • Calculate in Multi-speed mode (Road bikes, mountain bikes, tandems, etc)
    Calculate in Single-speed mode (Track bikes, BMX, fixed gear machines)

    Select the number of teeth on each of the CHAINRINGS, entering "0" where necessary.

    Select the number of teeth on each of the FREEWHEEL cogs, entering "0" where necessary.

    Select your WHEEL DIAMETER (combined wheel and tire) in either INCHES or MILLIMETERS.

    Display in U.S. Unit Measure (inches/feet)
    Display in Metric Unit Measure (centimeters/meters)


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